Hotel prestation


First of all, thank you for the interest you are giving us by starting this reading.

We hope that this file will catch your attention and make you understand our vision in detail. For us, it is really important to collaborate with people who have a similar perception to ours  , and we can guess it is the same for you isn’t it ?



Lola & Romain, that’s us ! Two young entrepreneurs in search of adventures and new experiences ! Passionate about photography, sharing and marketing, we have as a main goal to travel the world and to share it with our community, active on social media, the riches that traveling can bring while bringing values to the brands we work with.

Southern France

London, UK

Our different experiences and our complementarity allows us to work efficiently, in a good atmosphere. It is obvious that we enjoy working together. We also have this vision that pushes us to go further in everything we undertake, we want to succeed.

Why do you need a professional photographer ?


Nowadays your image is more important than ever. If you are willing to develop your business and increase your booking rate, you already know that you need to invest on internet with digital communication. Almost all of the touristic searches are made on these supports.

In this environment, the leader media is the image. Investing in good quality/professional pictures is the foundation of your communication. That is why calling an hostels photographer is something to really consider to help your business grow.

You need strong pictures ! That is a fact ! Because the concurrence is numerous and severe, lot of establishments found themselves on the same generalised platforms, and that is why you need to stand out of the crowd to be seen, with catchy picture. Seducing your prospects with the art of catching their attention.

On internet, everything goes through the vision, that is why you need quality pictures to make them want to know more about your place.

Finally, you must bring value to the first impression you give, like you would do in real life.

By playing with the staging , placing some elements of daily life, highlighting the atmosphere and decor, you can bring live to your pictures and help your clients projects themselves at your place


To create beautiful and effective photography , technique and material is needed. You also need experience and expertise to highlight every points of the picture.

Exemple of Instagram’s feed we could do for you



And of course, editing is inevitable to bring the last bit of magic that will make you stand out of the crowd and catch the attention !

The facts are here , a post with a picture is strongly more shared than a post without one.

Why starting with videos ?


Videography has become one of the essential tool for the communication strategy of hostels all around the world.

« 22 billions videos are seen every day worldwide ; 1 billion hours of videos are seen every day on YouTube; 55% of internet users watch daily videos on the web; 80% of web traffic will be generated by videos in 2019; 4 consumers out of 5 rather discover a product watching a video that reading an article »

If these numbers speak for themselves, it is important to know how to use the video and call a professional, it is the guarantee for a service of quality.  The movie will represents the brand image of your establishment and it will be the first impression given to your potential clients. Knowing this, it must be a captivating one.

Finally, your video will be watched on different supports, think about it at the begin of the creation so you can tell which format and specificity you want , think about the versions and différents resolutions.



Supported by a community close to 20 000 peoples on our différents social media, we often post the hostels we work with on our story with the link to their page. Beyond a photos/videos prestation it is a real promotion that we can offer. If you want, we could even create publicity via a post on our instagram or an article on our blog (like a review for example) about your place, as a lot of people always ask us about places to go.


Of course, the pictures and videos are only one part of the given expertise. Having an expert around you will also give you an artistic vision of your business, and the best tools to present yourself to the world. This will be part of the service we offer.

We will aim for the same goal, talking about collaboration , the most important for us is working with you and your team in great conditions and organisation. There is a lot of professionals and each one gives different services, contact the person whose photos and artistic style best suits your desires.


Every prestation is custom made depending on your needs and budget. We would like your vision and ours to fusion to create something unique and different.