Lost With Us – Workaway Project


First of all, thank you for the interest you are showing us by reading this. We hope that this file will catch your attention and make you a part of our vision and various projects in details.



Lola & Romain , that’s us ! Two young wanderers looking for adventures and new experiences ! Quiet passionated about photography and sharing, our biggest dream is to travel the world and share to our community , active on social media, all the things that traveling can provide while bringing values to the youth hostels , hotel and activities that we will discover.


Southern France

London, UK

Hi , I am Romain, I’m 19, born near Paris, France, I have always been passionate about photography and travel. My mother being Reunnesse, I had the chance to go several times meeting new cultures and amazing landscapes. Thanks to my work and passion, photography, I was also able to travel a lot in Europe. I use Photoshop/Lightroom, Premiere pro/After effects; as it is a part of my job. Since a child, I had this dream to make a world tour but I wanted to find someone to share this with me, so when Lola talked to me about her envy too , I did not hesitate one second and told her to pack up her luggages because we were leaving right away.


Hi! I’m Lola, I have been traveling the world since childhood, my last stop was in New Caledonia for the past 2 years , I have big projects. I am good at design as I already made few flyers, logo and posters for differents occasions, I love taking pictures too, and we are a creative pair, I am sure we will find plenty of ideas and projects with the local community ! We are good at marketing and advertising, and we can help grow your audience on Facebook or Instagram, we can create great content and do our best !


Venice, Italy

Our different experiences and our complementarity allows us to work efficiently in a good atmosphere. It is obvious that we enjoy working together. We also have this vision who pushes us to go further in everything we undertake, we want to succeed.

Our Project


Our main goal is to raise interest while creating value. Develop the curiosity of our community and put forward our hosts. Indeed, this project has two main interests. First, create a learning desire in our audience, that will push them to learn more about you.

Secondly, the enhancement of all of this through : instagram, facebook, story, live, youtube. Those two interests are complementary. The more people will see an enhancement of your product/service, the more they will want to know about you (learning desire).

Last Shoot with Lola Castets

It is a win-win situation between you, who will gain in popularity and therefore costumers, and us, with our community which is pushed to learn more about a culture, a place and you.

We will post our adventure weekly on Youtube and daily on Instagram. Our goal being to keep a faithful audience, and therefore being able to propose different collaborations with brands.


We can see more on our instagram : @romainrb_ & @lola_castets

And check Lola’s blog at : https://tescadventures.squarespace.com/