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Why should you choose a professional photographer for your teams ?

The tournaments that your players are taking part of are very important for them, for the public and obviously for you too. Hiring a photographer is having the possibility to relive the event with all the emotions thanks to the quality of the pictures.

Working with a professional operator is a guarantee to have a quality service. In fact, if he’s doing his work in an inappropriate way, with a bad attitude or disturbing your players for exemple, or the rules of the tournament he’s endangering your image and your work in general. It has to be, for you as a client, a positive experience.

Manika, player of the team Millenium during the FIWC of Madrid 2017

RedWorld Gaming, GA’s champions of 2017

Also, the pictures are only a part of the experience. Having an experimented photograph around you will give you a new vision, more artistic of your company and how to present yourself to the world. This consultative role is a part of the service.

Between collaborators, you should aim the same objectives and a professional should learn to know et understand what your organisation is willing to transmit to the world. A collaborative approach and the capacity to work with your team at all levels are two extremely important things.

According to the number of photographer who are proposing their own services, you should contact the person which have the artistic style corresponding to the best to all your desire

The importance of the pictures for a successful marketing


We usually say that an image is worth a thousand words, that’s why visual communication is important and powerful. For exemple, did you know that images are assimilated by the brain on average of 60 000 times quicker than a text ( According to a study made by MIT). 90% of the information transmitted to the brain are visual. People recall 80% of what they see, 10% of what they read and 10% of what they heard.

Also, internaute are drowned in a mass of written contents. In a saturated environnement of informations it is essential nowadays, more than ever to think about a strategy of images while a social approach. Photography is thus, becoming a marketing element really important and evolving with its time. The internaute want to see things directly, so photography is the perfect way to value a product or a service. Without talking about the new generation who only swears by the image with the arrival of social networks like Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest etc…

A player of the team Lucky7 participating to the tournament R6S at the Paris Games Week

So the compagnies can take advantages of the new habits of the consumers and transmit to them an adapt message to their expectations. The importance of photography for compagnies is growing up because its the strongest vector of emotions to make the consumer being aware and make him react. The website of a brand or a company which is spreading visual supports has big chances to see his message relayed by the internaute through different platforms. The goal is to be close to the consumer and play around with the proximity with his clients thanks to photography.

Images are powerful engagement factors which favors the recruitment of you social page in a long term. Indeed, did you know that a tweet with a picture is five times more captivating than tweets with only text. On facebook, a post with a picture is relayed and shared 40% more than a one with none.

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